Socialization: (Social Hour) is a huge part of what we have to offer. We wholeheartedly believe dogs are fulfilled when they have the to opportunity play and socialize with their own kind in an open yard setting. We believe it is vital that dogs of all shapes and sizes learn proper manners while playing with others. Rough housing is not allowed and replaced with fetch, tug-a-war, and a friendly game of chase. All the dogs are taught to respect one another and to play with only those who wish to play.   

Most dogs can be trained to be in an open yard environment but unfortunately there are some who do not fair so well. Because safety is always our first priority, assessments are conducted to see how your dog interacts with others and whether some basic training might be needed first. 

Dogs 7 months and older must be neutered/spayed to attend the socials. 

Social Hours are held Monday through Friday in the early morning. If you reside within our service area, pickup (depending where you live) from your house is generally between 630-730 AM and drop off is usually between 9:30-10:30 AM.  Our return time can vary due to traffic, delays, etc., so access to your home or yard is necessary in case you aren't home when we return.