We have reached our capacity and unable to take new clients for the hikes at his time. 😢 

Trail hikes offer dogs the opportunity to explore and enjoy what they love to do. As an added bonus, they learn to sit quietly and peacefully in the car on the way to the trails. Once on the trails, they are taught to respect horses they many enounter along the way, not to react to people, places or things, and learn proper manners when meeting other dogs. The overall experience builds confidence, releases energy, and returns dogs home tired, happy and content.

We have been hiking the Palos Verdes trails for over 16 years and have certain ones we like best for shade, privacy, leash training, and desensitizing. Although the trails are fairly flat and non-strenuous for the most part, each dog's condition level is evaluated to determine whether they are ready to join us. 

Each dog begins one on one so we can be sure they are properly leash trained. This includes not pulling, and learning to be non-reactive to other dogs, horses, people, and gardeners, etc. Once this is accomplished, they go for a hike with one or two other dogs, eventually progressing to walk with a small group (no more than six). We no longer offer private walks except during training. 

Once 100% leash trained and non-reactive, a few of our dogs can be connected and walked by another dog. They are trained to remain on the trail and within only a few feet ahead. This allows them to enjoy the experience of being offleash yet still fully under our control. Giving them this job increases their confidence and makes them feel important. It is also super fullfillling for the handler to watch them excel in this capacity.