Trail hikes offer dogs the opportunity to explore and enjoy what they love to do. As an added bonus, they learn to sit quietly and peacefully in the car, to respect horses they may encounter on the trail, proper manners when meeting other dogs, and not to react to people, places and things. The overall experience builds confidence, releases energy, and returns dogs home tired, happy and content.

We have been hiking the trails for over 15 years and have certain ones we use for better shade, privacy, leash training, and desensitizing. Although the trials are fairly flat and non-strenuous for the most part, each dog's condition level is evaluated during the initial interview to determine whether they are ready to join us. Safety first.

Because we are unable to give exact pickup and drop off times, access to your home or yard to pick up and/or drop off is necessary in case you are not present when we arrive and/or return.