For everyone's health and safety, 

the K-9 influenza vaccine is now required for boarding


We now have a weight limit of 35 lbs or less for all new dogs 


Boarding: Carolyn's Pet Care has been providing boarding service in a well structured thought-out environment since April 2012. We strive to make sure your pet is stress-free and comfortable prior to the time they come to stay. To achieve this, we have a protocol in place to assure your dog is acclimated and familiar with the surroundings and routine "prior" to boarding. Please reach out to us with adequate time to accomplish this as last minute requests for new clients are not always possible. Once established, regular boarders are almost guaranteed a spot when you travel. For an added bonus, we specialize in shy and fearful dogs.   

Our location has a large secure backyard with wall to wall grass (not turf), and a large covered patio offering plenty of shade. All the dogs are supervised while outside and are welcome inside if they prefer. If you'd like, we will gladly text you photos and videos so you can see a view prior to your visit.

For new dogs, an assessment is conducted on our premises to determine whether your dog and our set-up is a good fit. We prefer a Saturday or Sunday morning but can sometimes schedule on a Monday or Friday morning, schedule permitting. The assessment usually runs around 30-60 minutes and provides an opportunity for your dog to familiarize itself to us and our surroundings, and to answer any questions you may have. Following the meet and greet, a second visit 2-3 hour acclimation visit is scheduled (without the owner present) so we can build a rapport with your pup and get them adjusted to a new environment. Typically only one visit is necessary; however, this is decided on a case by case basis. We want to be sure your pup has a smooth transition once they arrive for boarding. 

We prefer all dogs 7 months or older be neutered and spayed.

TV Time: This is when the dogs settle down for the evening after a long day at Camp. Falling asleep in the living room until 10-11PM, they get one last potty break before going to bed for the night. During the night they all sleep in the same room but in individual areas so everyone gets adequate sleep. Our days at Camp are packed full of fun so we make sure everyone gets enough rest. 😴